How To Win At Baccarat: The Strategies

In Baccarat you can bet even without being one of the players present at the table. As spectators, in fact, it is possible to bet on the bank, on the player but also on the eventual draw of the match.

This increases the chances of winning but at the same time fragments the payout percentages.

Never bet on a tie

It goes without saying that unless you have infinite funds on hand, betting on a break even is not a good idea. Better to do this only occasionally, and only when it is evident that it is a result that has not shown up for several rounds.

In any case, if you bet on a tie, it is better to do it with small amounts.

Choose the table with the fewest decks

Baccarat is played by mixing multiple decks of cards. This is usually 8 decks, so trying to count the cards in question is completely useless.

For this it is always advisable to choose those baccarat games where the number of decks goes down and is specified in the description.

Another trick of the hardcore Baccarat players, and it applies to both physical and online tables, is to take notes on the progress of the game , scoring wins and losses as well as other data: needless to say it does not work, because mixing an average of 8 decks it is impossible to predict what will happen.

The “avant dernier” system

Baccarat players will be better off taking advantage of a system known as “avant dernier”, which is also used in the world of Blackjack.

It is a question of paying attention to the last hands of the game in progress: if the result is the same twice in a row, you will have to bet on the same recurrence for a third time.

The avant dernier is often applied to the house, because the dealer tends to win more. For this reason, the last strategy tip at Baccarat is elementary: bet on the bank… especially if it is in a positive streak.

This has its advantages, but be warned: never get aggressive with betting. You risk losing everything in an instant!

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